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Regularly NSFW. Be warned.
Francoise Sagan, France, Saint Tropez, 1956. By David Seymour.
"The Mirror", 2001. By Alessandra Sanguinetti.
William S. Burroughs, recording session for Ministry’s “Just One Fix”, 1992. By Jon Blumb.
The Dobbyns. Poole Photographic Studios, Ireland.
Ca. 1892.
National Library of Ireland Collection.
John Cale, Maureen Tucker & Lou Reed. The Velvet Underground, 1965.
By Adam Ritchie.
"Scything", 1935. Wood engraving by Clare Leighton.
Fatigues (1), 2012, by Tacita Dean. Chalk on blackboard.
Reno, Nevada, 1960. By Inge Morath.
Miss Scott, close to retirement, was very unhappy to be confronted by an ignorant American girl who was clearly unaware of her own stupidity. Day after day she hit me until one afternoon when she lost it entirely and a beautiful girl from the Upper form swooped into the classroom and carried me away into a garden where she dried my tears and gave me a cookie.
That evening my eldest sister told my parents that my life had been saved by William Butler Yeats’ granddaughter. Apparently, she attended Glengara Park.
"Beaten into literacy" by Molly Moynahan.
A worth reading blog: http://mollymoynahan.blogspot.mx/2011/03/beaten-into-literacy.html
Undated, uncredited, unattributed.
Naoki Yamamoto.
Rick Owens, 1998.