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Regularly NSFW. Be warned.
"Honk Kong Venice", by Fan Ho. Honk Kong, 1950’s.
G.I.T.S., by BlazenMonk.
Kc-10, by Paul Johnson.
Mexico City. 1934. By Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Albertus Durer Noricus. 1500 Anni Domini.
Henri Serre & Oscar Werner; still from “Jules and Jim” by François Truffaut, 1962. Cinematography by Raoul Coutard.
Tom Waits and Tommy Ramone by Brad Elterman. Outside the Tropicana Motel on Santa Monica Boulevard. Undated.

A Clockwork Orange (1971), dir. Stanley Kubrick
Plowing. Valencia, Phillippines, 2014. By Harald Kobler.
Black Flag Rising, Union Square, Manhattan, 2012. By Chistopher Lucka.
London, 2014. By Jaqueline Luzhang.